About Us

Winner of the Governor’s Award for Environmental and Economic Leadership

The C.R.E.W. Ojai, California


What is the C.R.E.W.?

The C.R.E.W. – Concerned Resource & Environmental Workers – is a non-profit youth employment and leadership program.  Since 1991, the C.R.E.W. has provided youth ages 14 – 23 from Ventura and Santa Barbara counties with paid employment opportunities working to preserve, maintain and improve wildlands and protect local communities against wildfire. As a result of their work with the C.R.E.W. young people gain a sense of individual responsibility, learn teamwork, and develop life-long leadership skills and understanding of the environment.

What do we do?

C.R.E.W. members are trained and equipped to perform a wide variety of environmental work throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, including habitat restoration, trail maintenance, fire mitigation, and brush clearance for low-income seniors.  C.R.E.W. teams are supervised by specially trained adult C.R.E.W. supervisors. The C.R.E.W. is hired by public agencies and private property owners.

Who is eligible to join?

Young men and women ages 14 to 23 can apply to become C.R.E.W. members and work on a diverse range of environmental projects.

How can you become involved?

The C.R.E.W. relies on grants and donations as well as paid employment to provide the greatest benefit for youth and the community. Contact us at thecrew1@sbcglobal.net for information on hiring the C.R.E.W., making a donation, or applying as a C.R.E.W. worker or supervisor.