In 1991, The C.R.E.W. got its start teaching teens how to work on backcountry trails in the Los Padres National Forest. Through hard work in the outdoors, crew members learned new skills, confidence, discipline, respect, and the value of a well-earned paycheck.

Today, C.R.E.W. members spend more than 11,000 hours in the field each year. Throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, our trail work covers hundreds of front and backcountry miles. We perform fuel reduction and fire prevention for land conservation groups, municipal agencies, and homeowners. And we have a growing body of restoration projects that support healthy, biodiverse, and resilient lands.

For some of our team members, working at The C.R.E.W. is their first experience in a steady, paid job. Others are college students on a path to careers in forestry, environmental science, and fire science. Many crew members simply know that they enjoy the challenges and rewards of outdoor work and are exploring their options for the future.

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To give young people employment and develop lifelong skills through environmental work that restores natural land and protects communities against wildfire.



Every teen and young adult should have the opportunity for meaningful employment that challenges them to grow, mature, and learn new skills. Through hands-on field work, The C.R.E.W. engages young people in environmental projects with lasting impact. At the same time, C.R.E.W. staff receive mentoring and career development at a pivotal time in their professional lives.



CONCERNED – We support the responsible management and conscientious use of the environment. Our work develops young leaders and an ethic of land stewardship that benefits the whole community.

RESOURCES – C.R.E.W. projects support healthy habitats and waterways, maintain backcountry trails, protect against wildfire, and support natural disaster recovery.

ENVIRONMENTAL – Through hands-on work, C.R.E.W. workers learn to create safe, accessible wildland trails; to restore native habitats; to reduce the risk of wildfire; and to live as stewards of natural lands.

WORKERS – Since 1991, in partnership with public and private landowners and with the support of our community, The C.R.E.W. has employed hundreds of teens and young adults. C.R.E.W. alumni include conservationists, fire fighters, foresters, small business owners, and current C.R.E.W. supervisors mentoring the next generation.


The C.R.E.W. provides employment and leadership training to teens and young adults through hands-on environmental work.  Since 1991, C.R.E.W. members work year-round to maintain trails, restore habitats, and reduce the risk of wildfire, while building skills and developing relationships that last a lifetime.