Serving Ojai, Santa Paula, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, Oak View, Casitas Springs, Foster Park, and surrounding areas

To date The C.R.E.W. has

  • Assisted over 100 Low income Senior, Disabled and/or Veteran residents with annual Hazardous vegetation removal
  • Cleared 75 Acres of Hazardous vegetation
  • Chipped over 10 tons of material
  • Provided chipping services for 120 properties/landowners/residences


FREE chipping to reduce wildfire risk for the whole community!

Accepting tree branches and trunks up to 6” in diameter, and woody shrubs.


Pile cannot exceed 4ft x 9ft, cut ends must face the roadway 



We’re sorry, but we cannot chip the items listed below


Piles of Leaves, Pine Needles, or Yard Clippings
Poison Oak
Decaying Wood
Arundo, bamboo, tamarisk , palm trees and fronds
All Varieties of Broom
Commercial Properties, Timber Harvest Projects, Commercial Projects or Vacant Lots
Blackberries/Vines/Anything with Thorns
Root Balls, Stumps, Dirt, Rocks ,or Twigs
Cacti, vegetable plants and other soft vegetation
                              Piles must be free from metal, plastic, rope, and any other non-vegetative debris.


Households are welcome to participate in both curbside and drop-off events, and to participate multiple times.

The following requirements must be met in order for us to chip at your location. We reserve the right to refuse chipping service if these requirements are not met.


  • Chipping piles need to be stacked along a road or driveway frontages, which will allow the crew to work from the road or driveway. 
  • Piles must be placed within 5 feet of chipper access.
  • Piles must be placed on level ground or on the uphill side of the road or driveway. 
  • Piles must be free of metal, debris, roots/stumps, rocks and mud, poison oak, scotch broom, and blackberries and other vines.
  • Piles must be stacked with the cut ends facing the same direction, pointing towards access route to piles. Heaviest materials should be on the bottom, lightest material on the top.
  •  Your pile must not exceed 4 feet x 9 feet, we will spend a maximum of 1 hour per property.
  • Material can be up to 6 inches in diameter and needs to be at least 3 feet in length. The longer the better for the crew – easier to feed through the chipper.
  • All materials chipped will be blown back onto the property or put in a pile where the brush was stacked.
  • The C.R.E.W. will provide service on a first-come, first–served basis. 
  • The C.R.E.W. cannot clean up commercial properties, timber harvest projects, commercial projects, vacant lots, ETC


Together we’ll remove cut wood and other fuels that increase the risk and impacts of wildfire.  And the best part – you get to keep the chips!  That’s right, we’ll leave freshly cut wood chips right on your property for use in mulch and landscaping.

Registration in advance is required, and you may sign up for multiple visits. Curbside chipping begins at 8am each day; please plan to have your material stacked and ready the night before. 


  • Aug. 12th – Fri.
  • Sept. 2nd – Fri
  • Sept. 30th – Fri


There is no pre-registration for drop-off days.  Bring your secured green waste between 8am and 1pm, and C.R.E.W. staff will take care of the rest.  Please note that only eligible green waste that is not mixed with other materials will be accepted.  You will not be able to take chips back home in order to prevent the spread of tree pests and disease.



Harding Park, 1400 E. Harvard Blvd

Dates TBA-Please check back soon


HELP of Ojai West Campus, 370 Baldwin Road, Ojai

May 28th-Sat.

June 25th – Sat.

July 23rd – Sat

Aug. 27th – Sat

Sept. 17th – Sat




Free defensible space service is available for residents who are low-income, disabled or senior citizens (age 65+), or veterans. 

Through this service, households receive 100′ defensible space around the main residence structure, including tree limbing up to 6′ height.  This program helps households meet fire department requirements and best practices for fuel reduction and fire safety. This program does not include deferred maintenance, communal property or easements, or hauling of debris.  For the safety of our youth, all animals, domestic and livestock must be corralled or kept inside while C.R.E.W. is working on the property, failure to do so may result in rescheduling of the property.

Complete the REGISTRATION FORM and we’ll follow up to schedule your clearance day!  Call The CREW office at 805-649-8847 with any questions.

The Ojai and Santa Paula Wildfire Safety & Chipping Program is offered by The. C.R.E.W.  to residents free of charge. This program is  made possible by generous contributions and grants from The CA Fire Safe Council and CAL FIRE.


The C.R.E.W. provides employment and leadership training to teens and young adults through hands-on environmental work.  Since 1991, C.R.E.W. members work year-round to maintain trails, restore habitats, and reduce the risk of wildfire, while building skills and developing relationships that last a lifetime.