Environmental Communications Internship

10-Week Internship  |  Ages 16 – 19
Spring Internship Begins March 16 | Deadline to Apply: March 1
Join the team of environmental and communication superheroes who transforming the Ojai Valley and telling the full story along the way.

Each intern takes a leading role in telling environmental stories through Green Valley Project, Ojai’s newest youth-led environmental initiative.  Storytelling is a powerful art form and we’re calling writers, photographers, videographers, performers — there’s a place here for you!  

We’ll meet 1.5 hours each week as a group, plus ~1 hour/weekly on self-guided creative work, research, and/or participation in a Green Valley Project restoration activity.  Weekly group meetings are scheduled for Wednesday at 4pm- contact us if you would like to participate but have a regular scheduling conflict at that time.

How to know if this opportunity is right for you:

  • You have a passion for the environment
  • You’re currently taking, or have taken, an Environmental Science or related class 
  • You can provide examples of personal actions taken to help the environment
  • You can provide an example of photography, videography, social media, or writing skills 

We’re looking for leaders, trailblazers, changemakers. If you’re ready to lead the charge in creating healthier, more sustainable ecosystems in the Ojai Valley, you belong with Green Valley Project. 


Questions? Email us at [email protected]com


Environmental Science Institute

with Pax Environmental

The next institute will be Spring 2022.  Connect with us @greenvalleyprojectojai to stay involved!

Join us for a deep dive into the study of animals, plants, and whole ecosystems around the Ojai Valley.  Under the enthusiastic and expert guidance of Pax Environmental’s biologists, botanists, and fieldwork specialists, each week will focus on a unique topic from waterway habitats to birding; all things plants to field technology (drones & wildlife cameras). 

Download the curriculum overview: Environmental Science Institute Flyer

How to know if this opportunity is right for you:

  • You have a passion for the environment
  • You love being outdoors and learning about the environment in a hands-on way 
  • You are enthusiastic about learning a wide array of skills related to environmental sciences

Pax Environmental is a consulting firm based in Ojai comprised of experienced scientists, biologists, arborists, botanists, water quality specialists, planners, and much more. Pax was founded by Nordhoff high school alumni, and have partnered with The C.R.E.W. on multiple restoration projects in the Ventura River Watershed.  We are excited to offer this opportunity for Pax’s team to share their love for the natural world and their extensive expertise with the first-ever cohort of the Environmental Science Institute.

   |  Spring 2022 Dates TBD  |  Saturdays 9am-noon in Ojai

Questions? Email us at [email protected]com