Stewart Canyon Creek winds through Ojai, in the upper reaches of the Ventura River Watershed.  This waterway is a vital lifeline for local wildlife and a source of beauty and joy for residents.

Why Restoration?  Over the past 30 years, invasive and water-intensive trees have taken hold in many parts of our waterways.  In their abundant growth, they reduce flow in the creek down to a trickle and restrict the health and biodiversity of the plants and animals that would normally live here.  The non-native vegetation is also far more flammable than native oaks and other types – and every effort to reduce wildfire danger is potentially life-saving.

About the Project: In spring 2020, the City of Ojai, in partnership with The CREW and Pax Environmental, was awarded a large restoration grant from CA Department of Fish & Wildlife.  Restoration will take place along ½ mile of the creek and its banks, covering 10 acres altogether.  Over the next four years we will replace hundreds of eucalyptus and palm trees with oaks, willows, and over a dozen different types of native plants.  The restoration includes pathways and seating areas for visitors to enjoy, while also providing protection for wildlife.

What Are the Benefits?  We will remove trash and flammable debris from the entire 10-acre area.  Without the water-intensive invasive trees, flow and volume in the creek will increase and provide more abundant habitat for plants and animals.  The restoration area is already home to hundreds of native trees that will remain in place and protected during non-native removal.  Together with the newly planted vegetation, these trees will ultimately provide more shade and maintain the privacy of homeowners living along the waterway.  Educational workshops for community members, and field trips for school children are included as an essential part of this project.

Want to Know More?  Contact The CREW at 805-649-8847 or visit the City of Ojai info page.  We’ll answer any questions and get you connected with sources for updates as the project progresses.  You can also sign up for opportunities to participate in planting events, educational workshops, and more!