In 2021 C.R.E.W. in partnership with the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, Ojai Trees and Ventura Land Trust was awarded a generous grant from Ca ReLeaf to plant over 300 trees  throughout Ventura county.  Three properties of Ventura Land Trust received native oak species and residents of Ojai and Ventura received shade and fruit trees such as Pineapple Guava, Strawberry Guava, Fuji Apple, Apricot,Live Oak, Valley Oak, and Western Sycamore.

To date C.R.E.W. and partners have planted :
  • 20+ Food and Shade producing trees in the Westside of Ventura
  • 15+ Native Trees in Ojai
  • 75 Trees at VLT


Where are we now:

C.R.E.W. is currently in the monitoring and maintenance phase of the Ca ReLeaf Project. Maintenance and monitoring l coincide with watering visits, and includes assessing tree health, re-staking, noting damage or pest issues.  CREW staff receive multiple trainings annually on tree planting and care, in collaboration with a certified arborist.   

Since 1992, California ReLeaf has distributed more than $9 million to nonprofits, local agencies and community-based groups throughout the state for the planting and care of trees, education and outreach projects, green jobs training, and volunteer development. Funding has been provided through the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and the US Forest Service.  Learn more about Ca ReLeaf ( insert  About ReLeaf | California ReLeaf)

PROJECT PARTNERS: Center for Regenerative Agriculture, Ojai Trees, Ventura Land Trust

THIS PROGRAM MADE POSSIBLE WITH FUNDING FROM California ReLeaf, U.S. Forest Service, and Cal-Fire