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Community Services

The C.R.E.W. is offering community support during the COVID-19 crisis.

As our community responds to the COVID-19 crisis, C.R.E.W. teams are assisting HELP of Ojai, Food Share, and local stores in every way we can to ensure that residents remain safe and healthy.

We prioritize the health and safety of our team members, and we are working under strict practices to prevent the spread of illness.

Throughout the Ojai Valley, grocers, restaurants, and other suppliers are working hard to provide curbside pick-up so residents can limit times spent in public places. We send our immense gratitude to grocery story and restaurant workers!

How It Works: Connect each store or vendor directly to place an order. Detailed instructions are below. If you are unable to take advantage of curbside pick-up, CREW staff will deliver! CREW’s delivery service is available Monday-Friday, 8am-2pm – call 805-649-8847 after you place your order and we’ll coordinate delivery.

These are difficult days, and we will get through them together!

Participating Stores

Ventura Hay: Call 805-640-8505 to place an order over the phone

Pets & More: Call 805-272-8584 to place an order over the phone

Rainbow Bridge: Call 805-646-4017, ask for Christine to place an order by phone. (Delivery options: curbside pick-up, cab delivery, CREW delivery)

Eric Hodge, locally caught fresh fish: Text 805-889-4824 with your full name and location, to join the delivery list.