“Serving Youth and the Environment”


Executive Director – William Murphy

Bill Murphy was named Executive Director of The C.R.E.W. in November 2013. He is a retired Naval Aviator who served 24 years in leadership positions aboard ships, aviation squadrons and joint military commands.  He brings his vast experience in these command-structured environments to utilize his talents and strengths in decision-making and working in a group setting.  He has several years of experience managing budgets, personnel and government projects.

During his military career he sat on several boards and served as President of his College Alumni Board for seven years, as well as serving on church boards. He is currently a Director on the Ojai Valley Sanitary District Board.

Bill holds a BA in Accounting and Business Management from Asbury University as well as an MS in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College.

Administrative Manager – Todd Homer

Todd Homer grew up in the Ojai Valley and is a former Transportation Manager with over 25 years of logistics experience managing fleet trucking and distribution operations.  Todd’s office experience involves project management, personnel, coaching, operations, budgeting, and regulatory compliance.  Todd joined the C.R.E.W Team in June of 2015 and holds a BS in Business Management from Cal-Poly Pomona.

C.R.E.W. Foreman- Capt. Mike Vaughan

Captain Vaughan is a retired 35 year veteran fire fighter and strike team leader who continues to head up EMT services on major forest fires such as the Tea Fire, Painted Cave, Gap, Wheel and Wolf Fires. He is also an experienced beekeeper and professional back country packer. He serves as Lead C.R.E.W. Foreman.