Serving Young People and the Environment

Executive Director – Jennifer Berry
Jennifer Berry has led wilderness backpacking adventures, residential camps, and environmental education programs for young people since the early 2000s.  A lifelong believer in environmental stewardship and transformative experience of ‘getting your hands dirty,’ Jennifer joined The C.R.E.W. in 2019.  She brings more than a decade of experience as a director of wilderness-based programs, and earned an MA in Global Studies & Nonprofit Leadership at UC Santa Barbara.  Originally a native of northern California, Jennifer is happy to now call Ventura County home.

Community Development Director – Caryn Bosson

Caryn Bosson is a long-time Ojai Valley leader with a deep background in both youth and the environment. In 1997, Caryn founded the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting youth and adults for a healthy community, which she led for a decade. Caryn also played several leadership roles at the Los Angeles-based organization, TreePeople, an organization which inspires people to grow a greener future by planting and caring for trees and harvesting the rain. Caryn has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a BA from UCSB’s College of Creative Studies. 

Administrative Manager – Todd Homer

Todd Homer grew up in the Ojai Valley and is a former Transportation Manager with over 25 years of logistics experience managing fleet trucking and distribution operations.  Todd’s office experience involves project management, personnel, coaching, operations, budgeting, and regulatory compliance.  Todd joined the C.R.E.W Team in June of 2015 and holds a BS in Business Management from Cal-Poly Pomona.

Lead Field Supervisor – Brian Campbell

Brian joined The C.R.E.W. in 2017 and has been an excellent leader for the field teams in every type of project.  Brian holds degrees in developmental psychology, natural science, and holistic health.  As a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Brian has received extensive leadership training and experience, and has avidly pursued trainings in trail building and native habitat restoration.

Program Development Coordinator – Bennett Barthelemy

Bennett started with the C.R.E.W. in 2019 and moved from field supervisor to his current position as PDC. Bennett holds a BA in Native American Studies and an MA in English Literature. He has spent the last two and half decades as an outdoor experiential educator, rock climbing and backpacking guide on public lands throughout the Western US. Bennett has also worked internationally as a photojournalist and feature writer dedicated to sharing conscientious exploration and a deeper understanding of our precious natural environments.