The 2017 Thomas Fire devastated hundreds of miles of trails in the Los Padres National Forest.  The Los Padres Forest Association and many volunteer groups have made great progress in restoring segments of trail, particularly those closest to the front country.
However, many of our beloved but harder-to-reach trails have become overgrown and washed out.  The CREW has a long history of restoring heavily damaged trails, and trekking far into the backcountry to get it done.  Through funding provided by the US Forest Service, from 2020 to 2023 we will be reclaiming critical portions of trails around Ojai and Santa Paula:
• Last Chance
• Santa Paula Canyon
• Santa Paula Peak
• Red Reef
• North Fork Matilija
• Murietta
• Pratt
• Howard Creek
• Lion Canyon
• Ortega OHV
Our region has a remarkably active community of hiking, equestrian, cycling, and OHV trail enthusiasts.  Learn more about our work with the Thomas Fire Trail Fund, and keep an eye out as we share our progress (and opportunities to work alongside us!) on social media and our newsletter.